Crime in Atlanta

The rate of crime in Atlanta, Georgia has been relatively stable since around since the mid-20th century.

Crime Trends in Atlanta

The rate of crime in Atlanta, Georgia has been relatively stable since around since the mid-20th century.  The rate of improvement in public safety improvement that occurred in Atlanta between 2001 and 2009 was more than twice what the rate for other cities in Georgia. The city ranked among the top five cities with the highest violent crime rate for the previous three decades. However, there was a slight improvement in 2009 when it ranked 31st, and in 2015, it was ranked as 19th by the Wall Street Journal.

The trend of ranking cities by crime rate, typical to some news outlets, has been criticized by the FBI.  The FBI believes that such statistics are not entirely universal since it doesn’t consider some important factors, including economic conditions, the level of urbanization, and the composition and density of the population among others. For more information about criminal defense, you can also check The Law Ladies.

Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers and Crime in Atlanta 

In Atlanta, if you are ever identified as a crime suspect or charged with violation of law, you will eventually need to present your defense or negotiate a penalty. You cannot exercise any of these options on your own, and you will need to consult a criminal defense attorney like Amircani Law to represent you.  When you have an experienced advocate that is acquainted with the criminal justice system, you stand better chances of making a good case.

In Atlanta, car-related crimes are the most prevalent forms of crime.  Thus, car owners or hirers are always advised to park their cars in a safe and well-lit location, while keeping valuable items away from the reach of thieves that may break into parked cars.

There are six police patrol zones in Atlanta, and all of them are under the Atlanta Police Department.  There is a separate police force for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), which is in charge of rail, bus, and parking lots in the city and surrounding area.
Known for its rich culture, history, and diverse opportunities, Atlanta is a popular tourist destination, and it is relatively safer and more peaceful compared to cities like New Orleans, St. Louis, Baltimore, and Detroit, all of which are among the world’s top 50 most violent cities.